Adrian Frutiger

The Man of Black & White

June 12, Friday 19:00 SALT Galata


Adrian Frutiger is one of the most important type designers of our time. The Swiss, born in 1928, created more than thirty fonts, including the world-famous Méridien, Univers and Frutiger type families. Less well-known are his extraordingary freely conceived works.

This film is a straightforward, sensitive portrait of the designer and his work which presents Adrian Frutiger’s achievements and his relationship to nature in a new way. All the cinematography is done in High Definition, stills of the well-known Swiss cameraman Pio Corradi and the music composed by famous Swiss songwriter Hanery Amman add to the very personal portrait.

The film will be screened in English along with English subtitles on the SALT Galata auditorium screen and will be open to the seminar and workshop registrants.