Azza Alameddine

Matching Arabic & Latin scripts in logotypes

June 12, Friday 10:00 – SALT Galata

An Arabic–Latin logo matchmaking workshop open for everyone interested in lettering and typography. Participants don’t need to be native Arabic speakers.

In order to get familiar with the script, participants will be introduced to the differences between the six traditional Arabic calligraphic styles and the context in which they are most commonly used today.
Afterwards, they will be asked to choose a Latin logotype from a list provided and associate the most convenient calligraphic style to its Arabic counterpart, based on the positioning of the brand and its target group.

Once the style is set, participants will copy the transliterated word using traditional calligraphic letters that they will have on a reference sheet. Then, they will make all the needed modifications to match the Latin more, whether by reducing or exaggerating the calligraphic feel or by changing the weight, width or contrast.

This workshop will bring awareness about how to translate Latin features into Arabic in smarter ways than just copying.


About Azza Alameddine

Azza Alameddine has been working as a graphic designer for six years in Lebanon, the Netherlands and the UK. She holds a BA in visual communication from Creapole, Paris and a Masters in Typeface Design from the University of Reading. She’s interested in typefaces from a cultural point of view and the feelings they convey to people who can read them and to those who can’t. Her goal is to bring more awareness to graphic and type designers about the added value of good Arabic typography in the Arab world. Azza has recently joined Dalton Maag in London as a full-time font developer.